Our Whiskies

Small Batch Distilled. Triple Cask Aged. Handmade in Germany.


STORK CLUB Aromatic Rye Korn (White Dog)

700ml / 40% Vol. Alc.

Flavour profile

full-bodied, fruity, with hints of chocolate, malt and pink peppercorns


Stainless steel


with friends served tall with Spicy Ginger!

Raw material

Rye, rye malt

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STORK CLUB Full Proof Rye Whiskey

500ml / 55% Vol. Alc.

Flavour profile

Candied nuts, hints of sherry, dried fruit and spices


American & German Napoleon oak, ex-white wine, ex-sherry


With friends after a hearty ribeye steak!

Raw material

Rye, rye malt

Beer accompaniment

IPA, pale ale, bock

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STORK CLUB Single Malt Whisky
700ml / 43% Vol. Alc.

Flavour Profile

Fresh Hay, Honey, Tropical Fruits


Ex-bourbon, ex-sherry, ex-white wine


One for every evening!

Raw material

Barley malt

Beer accompaniment

Pilsner, wheat beer, pale beer

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STORK CLUB Single Barrel Single Malt Whisky

500ml / 50% Vol. Alc.

Flavour profile

Black berries, red wine and exotic spices


Ex-Bordeaux (red wine)


By the fireplace!

Raw material

Malt barley

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STORK CLUB Straight Rye Whiskey

700ml / 45% Vol. Alc.

Flavour profile

Caramel and spices, dark chocolate with a hint of espresso


First Fill American Oak & German Napoleon Oak


The perfect partner for whiskey highballs and cocktails!

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STORK CLUB Rosé-Rye Aperitif

700ml / 18% Vol. Alc.

Tasting Notes

fresh raspberry and citrus meets whiskey spice and sherry

Grain & Grape

German Rye and Pinot Noir


American and German Napoleon oak

Drink moment

A fruity and tart aperitif that is best enjoyed before, during and after a nice dinner with friends!

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A cask of whisky becomes a distillery

On road trips the adventures are literally on the road. In our case, at the end of 2015, our adventure was on Dorfstraße in Schlepzig, approx. 60km south of Berlin.

We were actually on our way to Brandenburg’s oldest whisky distillery to buy a cask of whisky. We drove out of Berlin and into Germany’s breadbasket, past countless rye fields, and into the Spreewald Biosphere Reserve, a primeval pastureland, in which the Spree spreads out into a river delta. As we stood in the courtyard of the Spreewald distillery and the owner told us that he was looking for a successor, we all knew straight away that this was where OUR adventure was and that our journey had just begun.

We wound up our joint agency at the end of 2016 and took over the Spreewald distillery with 8 employees.

In 2017, after extensive building conversions, we put our mixing plant into operation and fired up Germany’s first rye whisky still. Since 2018 we have only been using rye for whisky, according to recipes that we ourselves have developed. And although we have already achieved a lot, we still have a long journey ahead of us!

The Founders

Steffen Lohr, Bastian Heuser and Sebastian Brack.

Three autodidacts with a passion for handcrafted spirits!

About Stork Club Whisky

Down to Earth.
Down to Whiskey.
100% German Rye.
Small Batch Distilled.
Triple Cask Aged.
Handmade in Germany.


With the newly launched “Stork Club” whisky range, consisting of a straight rye whisky, a single malt whisky and single-cask fillings, the SpreeWood Distillers have focus on selective cask management and the unusual microclimate of the Spreewald Biosphere Reserve. This micro-climate with its seasonal temperature differences, unusually pronounced for Central Europe, ensures intensive interaction of the distillate with the casks and leaves a unique character in the whisky.

The grain for the distillate is supplied by Germany’s breadbasket, right on the distillery’s doorstep: Brandenburg. Even American rye whisky producers trust in the quality of the rye cultivated here. The whiskies currently mature in bourbon and sherry casks, as well as in white wine casks of selected German wine-growers. In parallel with this, in cooperation with international experts, we are working on a type of cask management that is revolutionary for Germany.

All whiskies are filled without the addition of colourings and flavourings and without using cold filtration.

Incidentally, “Stork Club” is the emblem of the region, dedicated to the stork. In spring, many stork couples find a breeding place around the distillery: the Club of Storks was born!

About Spreewood Distillers

60 kilometres south of Berlin sprawls the idyllic pastureland of the Spreewald, like a river delta. This lowland, with its unique microclimate, offers the best conditions for the maturing of spirits.

Here, in the middle of a biosphere reserve, is the Spreewald-Destillerie, founded in 2004 and operated by the “Spree- Wood Distillers” since 2016 in the picturesque village of Schlepzig. Prize-winning whiskies of the highest quality have been distilled and matured since 2004. In 2010 the whisky received the international distinction of being awarded 94 points in Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible.

Behind the “SpreeWood Distillers” are three people who are not unknown in the liquor industry. For a start, there is Steffen Lohr. This former bartender (e.g. at “Der Raum”, Melbourne) worked for years as brand ambassador for Bacardi before going independent with Bastian Heuser and Sebastian Brack, with the agency “Small Big Brands”. Sebastian Brack, on the other hand, created the successful bitter lemonade brand “Thomas Henry” and is the co-founder of “Belsazar” Vermouth. The third member of the trio is Bastian Heuser – also a former bartender and one of the co-founders of the “Bar Convent Berlin”, the leading European trade fair for the bar and beverage industry.

Their manifesto, according to which they produce their whiskies in the Spreewald-Destillerie:

In character, in manner, in style, in all the things, the supreme excellence is simplicity

Our Whisky

We handcraft our whisky very traditionally. And yet we love breaking with conventions. It is not for nothing that we are Germany’s first rye whisky distillery! Whisky made of rye has a unique character. It is spicy and aromatic, and has a slight, natural sweetness. We only use the best German ryes for our whisky.

The Ryes

The basis of our whiskies is rye from the region. We procure this rye from agricultural cooperatives of regional farmers. This makes sense, because Brandenburg is Europe’s biggest production region for rye and is globally known for its quality. Even well-known American rye producers purchase their rye here in Brandenburg!

The Process

We mill our crops ourselves in our hammer mill, according to our specifications, before we blend it with hot water. The mash is pumped into our fermentation vessel. There, a selected yeast strain is added and fermented. The sugar now ferments from the mash, and a kind of beer is produced (just without hops) with approx. 8-10% vol. alcohol. This “beer” is then pumped into our small 1,000l capacity hybrid still, and gently and aromatically distilled.

The Distillate

We work with two in-house “mash bills” (grain recipes).
100% rye unmalted grain – “Bold & Spicy”: this distillate impresses with its peppery fruitiness and yields a robust and spicy whisky.
100% rye malt – “Sweet & Mellow”: this distillate impresses with its malty sweetness and yields a soft and sweet whisky.
We pour raw distillates with 60% vol. alcohol into our casks, before they mature for several years in our warehouses.

The Blending

The “blending” or “marrying” of individual casks into a complex whole is a high art in the production of whisky. With our sophisticated triple cask aging and the use of seasoning casks, we can thus combine the best aspects of the individual casks in our whiskies!

Our Casks

60-80% of the flavours contained in the whisky are released from the casks that act as a temporary storeroom for the whisky. No producer that scrimps on expense can make a good whisky. We make the highest demands on our cask management, because this is at least as fundamental as the mash bill of our whiskies and the yeasts that we use.

Triple Cask Aging

Our whiskies are developed in three different casks, and married with each other before filling, in order to evolve complexity, character and the typical STORK CLUB flavour. For this, we use two casks specially produced for us made of American oak, and a cask made of German oak, also individually crafted for us. Each of the three casks was differently heat-treated (“toasted”) in order to convey very specific characteristics.

Seasoning Casks

In order to enrich our whiskies with yet another layer of flavour, we also use seasoning casks. These casks have already held other spirits or wines and are also processed in our whiskies to a very small extent.

The Private Cask Programme:“Design your own whisky”

Our Private Cask Configurator offers everybody the possibility to create their own individual rye whisky! Just try it out:

to the Cask Configurator

STORK CLUB Rye Cocktails


60 ml — STORK CLUB rye
1 Bl — sugar syrup
3 dashes — angostura

Glass tumbler
Garnish orange zest
Build over ice cubes


50 ml — STORK CLUB Rye
Ginger Ale

Glass highball
Garnish lemon zest
Build over ice cubes


60 ml — STORK CLUB Rye
15 ml — sweet vermouth
15 ml — chartreuse jaune
2 Dashes — angostura bitters
2 Dashes — orange bitters

Glass coupette
Garnish lemon zest
Stir & Strain

STORK CLUB Single Malt Cocktails

Rob Roy

60 ml — STORK CLUB Single Malt
30 ml — red Vermouth
2 Dashes — angostura

Glass coupette
Garnish orange zest
Stir & strain


60 ml — STORK CLUB single Malt
20 ml — sugar syrup
30 ml — fresh-pressed lemon juice
1 protein
1 cl — ruby port wine

Glass tumbler
Garnish lemon zest
Double-shake & strain


60 ml — STORK CLUB Single Malt
20 ml — St. Germain Elderflower

Glass tumbler
Garnish lemon zest
Build over iceball

Stork Club Whiskey Destillerie
Dorfstr. 56
15910 Schlepzig
T: 035472 659142

Visit us!

If you want to see how we produce STORK CLUB Whiskey, then simply come on over!


Café/Beergarden & Distillery Shop:

Due to the current lockdown we are closed from December 16th, 2020 until January 10th, 2021. You can still visit our online shop though!

Please be informed that our distillery is completely closed from December 24th, 2020 until January 4th, 2021. During this time we will not be able to ship any orders.

Regular opening times:

Winter (November to March) Thur.–Sun. 10–17:00

Summer (April to October) Tue–Sun 10–17:00

Tastings and event enquiries on request.


Arrival by public transport & bicycle from Berlin:

From Ostkreuz RB24 and RE2 to Brand/Tropical Islands, then cycle the last 10km to the distillery via the well-developed cycle paths!


Arrival by motorbike:



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